Door of My Cell


I moved into my cell in the old monastery August 6, 1951, the same day I began to be the head librarian. Fr. Placidus, my predecessor in the library, had lived in that room which was also the Priorís office for a good number of years. Over the years I had posted signs on the door three times. I like the thoughts behind them.

+ Pax

For 25 years this door
     Has opened and closed for me;
     Has welcomed my comings and goings.

For 25 years these walls have
     Harbored the sorrows and
     Joys of a passing life.

For these years and the more than double that
     That went before.

I salute you.

August 16, 1976.

+ Pax

For 30 years this door and this room
     Have been a shelter and shield.
     The comings and goings of half a lifetime
     Have been witnessed here.

A haven, a harbor for me
     Day after day,
     And for how many before me since 1888.

I salute with gratitude
     This door and this cell.
     Numbered are the days
     It can so continue to serve.

August 16, 1981

+ Pax

Farewell      From one who leaves this place,
     Knowing full well,
     No other space will so long serve his needs
     Before heís gone.

Since August 16, 1951,
     You have harbored one
     Not kind to your face,
     But who loved this place
     Where you sheltered his comings and goings.

Thank you!
     Fond adieu,
     Sweet door!
     Nevermore will you welcome or hide
     This one who is grateful for the shade
     You have so long provided.

July 1982

It nevermore housed a single soul. It was razed with the rest of the building about 1987.

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