Flag Day



This was written for our Newsletter celebrating the painted flagpole and the generosity of Br. Lambert.

June 14 is Flag Day this year. No big deal around here, but it was a little special this year. Old glory was unfurled and snapping in the wind with particular grace and beauty. Until now, the flag had not been raised for months. The pole had been struck by lightening and its whole upper works destroyed. Itís repair in time for Memorial day and Flag Day was an occasion for joy in the community. The pole had been repainted top to bottom and a new flag had been purchased. The stars and stripes were a particularly beautiful sight this year on Flag Day.

Who cares for the flag? No one is assigned as they were for the first few years after the flagpole was dedicated with pomp and circumstance back in the early 40ies. In those war days, the flag was raised with trumpet and cannon blast, and lowered with taps. For the past 30 years Br. Lambert has been the unappointed, unofficial, unassuming custodian who has practiced his deep sense of patriotism with his hands and feet. No speech. No fanfare. No recognition nor reward. He just does it. Mike has captured the expression, Ējust do it,Ē but Br. Lambert has put meaning into the expression before Nike was around.

Who cares for the flag? Br. Lambert does. Who puts up and takes it down on Sundays, holidays and feasts? Br. Lambert does. Who was most happy on Flag Day when the breeze flapped the huge symbol of our co9untry and our freedoms on a newly painted 100 ft. pole? Thatís easy. Br. Lambert was. Thank you, Br. Lambert.

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