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These are verses written to encourage my Mother and Father who were very depressed because two of their children had left the nest.

‘Tis almost cruel for God
To snatch by LOVE
What by love you held so dear!

Let your hearts beat strong again
And you will find
That there entwined
Are the hearts you grieved as lost.

They’re there in all life power
Loving and sharing your every hour.

Shortly after I had written this, my Father penned little piece was entitled RECONCILED.

Our little girl has left us
She aspires to be a nun.
When you think of a vocation
Can you think of a better one?

Our little boy has left us too.
He to be a monk doth aspire.
After careful consideration
Can you think of a nobler desire?

Yes, Mom and I are lonely
And our home has had a sober air,
But that these kids prove worthy
Shall always be our prayer.

God grant that they are successful.
And when their goals are won,
Please, God, make us worthy parents
Of a holy monk and nun.

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